*Tore Otterup: Chances and challenges of mother tongue tuition in Sweden and Austria*

27. März 2019

PH.ON.Wien - Erfahrungen aus dem Bildungsbereich #04

Prof. em. Tore Otterup (University Gothenburg, Sweden) and Prof. Rainer Hawlik (University College of Teacher Education Vienna, Austria) discuss the developments of mother tongue tuition in school education since the 1970s. They discuss common interests of mother tongue tuition, but also differences in the approach towards heritage language education. It is stated that the aim of a pedagogy of migration is to impart knowledge about how contemporary migration interrogates and unsettles social orders and on how educational institutions and their pedagogical actors in this field should respond to it. Mother tongue tuition teachers can play a crucial role for plurilingual children in their early years in kindergarten and primary education. They can coach them in early years to develop a positive self-concept, while these kids start to accept their hybrid identities.

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